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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 22, 2023

From horned smoke entities waving from the ceiling, to pale monstrous beings chasing hunters down wooded backroads, join us, on this episode of Belief Hole, as we peer beyond the bookshelves and step off the beaten path, to explore true tales of the secrets things that slink and scurry in the dark!

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EXP 5.7 | Alien Imposters Visitors Among Us

📚 Full Show Notes

00:30 | Episode Trailer
03:18 | Coming up: Bones in the Crawlspace, Chicken Coop Dogman, Headless Ghosts, and Humanoids Hunting Hunters and more!
05:04 | It Waved From the Ceiling | Bea | Story (Horned Smoke Entity)
11:29 | Hunters Become the Hunted | Howard Hawkins | Story (Crawler/Rake/Unknown Cryptid Encounter)
13:48 | Ape Canyon and Goat Marsh Natural Area Reserve Discussion
18:22 | Dark Corners and Death Angels | Chanelle | Story (Haunted House, Grim Reaper) South Africa | 2008-2010
24:34 | Chicken Coop Fear Eater - A Dogman Story | Hunter Snell | Story (HellHound, Black Shuck, Dogman?)
32:05 | Expansion Discussion: Not From Here - Alien Imposters Among Us and UFO Rescues at Sea!
35:17 | The Crawlspace | Jonathon | Story (Haunted House, Disembodied Voices, Blue Ghost Entity
41:18 | The Children and the Visitors | Justin Stastad | Story (ghosts, child mediumship)
45:12 | His Head Fell Off | Kimberly | Story (Ghost Grandpa Visits)