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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Oct 16, 2023

🔥 In Michigan? Come hangout with us in Ypsilanti, MI, October 28th for a causal hangout/ meetup/ music + comedy show / Halloween Costume Party! We won't be performing, but we'll be there for hellos and high fives! 
Location: YpsiAlehouse 124 Pearl St Ste 100, Ypsilanti, MI
More event details here:

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These days, we see magic as illusion, and evil erased by reason. But did Real witches ever really… exist? By the late 1600s, many innocents had been sacrificed on the altar of fear and suspicion, and the fevered thirst for the hunting of witches was dying.

But in quiet dark places, real and wicked witchery was at work and devilish deals were made, and on one cold morning in Edinburgh, a pious pillar of the community would make a horrifying confession that would again stoke the flames of the reality of the witch.

Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we scour the deserts of the Southwest and explore the astral battlegrounds of cryptic Italian cults, for true tales of cursed earth, spirit sending, and spellcraft.

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📚 Full Show Notes:
5.18 | Real Witches, Warlocks and Devilish Deeds

00:00 | Episode Trailer
03:03 | Ypsilanti, Michigan Meet up! 
04:51 | The Bloody Story of Witches
11:24 | Coming Up: Admitted Warlocks with self-aware staffs, Southwest Sorcerer Prison Break, and Astral Cult Witch Battles of Italy 
12:24 | Sneak peak of the Expansion: Choose your own adventure-Free masonic Werewolves| Deep Dark Reality within secret secs of free masonry |Stories from- Book of Werewolves by Sabine baring Gould |
16:34 | Major Thomas Weir-the Edinburgh man who admitted to witchcraft
27:08 | Neighbors from Hell Article- Remains of Wizard's house of horrors are found.
35:53 | Sorcerer Escape in the Southwest-Prison Break and invincibility spells thru a desert trail
44:39 | Expansion Clip Preview
46:48 | Dark Mountain, Mystery and Paranormal Ambience Channel 
49:41 | Benandanti and the Nocturnal Witch Battles of Italy
1:07:37 | Sámi shamans of Lapland
1:10:17 | Jeremy Dreams of Witches
1:20:48 | Witchcraft Grab Bag | Expansion Clip | EXP 3.15
1:35:28 | Outtakes