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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Aug 28, 2023

The vastness of this land is hard to fathom, and embedded in its earth is an iron spine. 160,000 miles of ringing railroad. and as deep and dark as the mist veiled forests and pitted canyons can be, deeper still are the mysteries and secrets along this great expanse. And there’s no better way to explore this visage, than by the haunting light of a westbound train.

From Cursed Death Cars in Cleveland Ohio to diamond eyed drifters and ET altercations out west, join us, as we grab a seat in the observation car, order up a night cap and peer out through the darkness at the things lurking along the ride..

🔥This episode goes out to Amy, professional window dodger!

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5.15 - Stranger Rails! Paranormal Tracks Take Us West!

📚 Full Show Notes

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 | Episode Trailer

05:44 | Coming up: Entity coming out of the walls-Wheatridge, Colorado | Tent Camping abduction-Estes Park, Colorado| Strange lights in the sky/Cloak Technology? -Hatch, Utah|

06:53 | Haunted, Historical B&O Roundhouse in the Cleveland Flats and the Death Car

14:58 | Chicago Creeps - H. H. Holmes Murder Castle and Resurrection Mary

16:10 | Slipping a Mickey and poisonous service

17:10 | Ed and Marsha Becker - First Televised Exorcism (1971)

18:56 | A Voice from the Grave Convicts Killer - Intangeld Fates of Nurse Teresita Basa and Alleged Killer, Allan Showery

29:49 | Lost Trains - Hidden in the Depths - Listener Comment

30:41 | Wrecked locomotive discovered after 106 years under Lake Superior

34:49 | Scorched Tressel Causes Loss of Train into Kerr Lake, North Carolina

37:29 | Expansion Discussion: Continuing down the railway of the strange! Sorority Spirits, Bigfoot get hits by train

38:32 | Expansion Preview

40:26 | The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

43:22 | Dangers of Seances? Hungry Ghosts and Joe Fisher

48:22 | Alien InTENTions Estes Park Colorado | August 1981 | 10PM

51:10 | Camping Abduction Corroboration |Estes Park, CO | 7•29•2023 | 1AM

56:44 | Diamond-Eyed Drifter of Dallas | Dallas, Texas | Night of November 17 1989

1:00:10 | It Came Through the Wall | Wheatridge, Colorado | August 1989 | 2:30AM

1:05:22 | It Came Through the Wall | Wheatridge, Colorado | August 1989 | 2:30AM

1:08:11 | The Owl Connection