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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Jan 27, 2023

Let's dig into the strange and true accounts recorded in the 18th century by Ji Yun - the imperial librarian of China’s last dynasty. From China's Zombie-like Vampires and Straddling Succubus Monsters to Ancient Trickster Spirits and the scariest TRUE Chinese Ghost Stories, let us dip you into the sweet mysterious river of the bizarre. Join us in exploring the real X-files of the Qing Dynasty!


GET THIS BOOK! From one of the most fascinating books we've covered thus far: The Shadow Book of Ji Yun: The Chinese Classic of Weird True Tales, Horror Stories, and Occult Knowledge by Yun Ji (Author), Yi Izzy Yu (Translator), John Yu Branscum (Translator)

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SUMMARY: ----------- In 18th Century, China - a land steeped in tradition, superstition and Magic, one man was dedicated to documenting and preserving the strange and the unexplained. With fierce intellect and dark wit, he recorded bizarre accounts from across the land. From the elusive man-stealing Yeren, to reanimated Vampiric corpses known as Jiangshi, Ji Yun's writings illuminate a world where the line between the living and the dead was blurred and the supernatural whispers from the shadows. Join us as we unroll his aging scrolls and scour his dusty tomes to present true tales of anomalous phenomena recorded by the imperial librarian of China’s final dynasty.