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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Mar 24, 2022

Strange vibrations begin. A warm sensation ripples through your body, gently pulling you from yourself, and out, into an undiscovered plane of existence. You are now an astral traveler.. The out-of-body experience is a globally shared phenomenon that reaches back to the very genesis of human existence.
Today up to 20 percent of the population claims to have experienced these strange adventures. What celestial landscapes lie beyond? What sorts of entities have been contacted, and what guardians oversee the barriers between?
On this episode of Belief Hole, we step through the looking glass and enter the realms of Elsewhere.
Also.. Dad dreams of Vacuumed balls, Jeremy the Unfortunate Marine Biologist, and we discover Flacko Density!
00:00 | Intro - Astral Travels and OBE Experiences
04:32 | Expansion Preview - Suppressed Energy Technology
5:52 | Astral Projection and the Second Body - theosophy, ancient cultures, doctor strange and statistics on experiences
07:38 | Skeptical Live Science article reading and response
09:36 | brief discussion of Remote Viewing and Project Stargate
11:04 | Robert Monroe background refresher
12:22 | Discovering the Second Body
15:41 | Astral Landscapes - What does the Astral Plane look like?
16:11 | Locale I - The ‘Here Now’
17:01 | Locale II - Exploring Lucid Dreamscapes and the After Death Realm
28:30 | EXPANSION PREVIEW! | Suppressed, Alternative Energy Technology!
34:46 | Connection discovered with Bacci’s Spirit Radio episode!
36:00 | Dad dreams of vacuum balls
36:38 | Locale III - Exploring other worlds and possible parallel realities!
56:04 | Otherwhere - Kurt Zealand - Exploring Boundary Zones - Guardians, Rangers, and Sleepers
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