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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Oct 30, 2022

Every street has one. And Every kid knows the legend. There it sits, like a sentinel. Perched on the hill, emanating a darkness and a hunger. Waiting and watching. Crouching back in shadow from the protective glow of the street lamp light. The haunted house at the end of the block.

From tree-line demons calling from the shadows to astral battles with evil intruders, On this Halloween episode of Belief Hole, we detail four incredible, previously unheard accounts of true American hauntings.

So tuck the kids in by curfew and check and turn off the porch light, as we walk the halls and explore the hidden world just beyond the walls.

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2:30 | Introduction | Untold American Hauntings
5:18 | Remembering Halloween in Canal Fulton
7:55 | Whispers, Blood, and Standard Ghostly Stories | Tyler’s STORY
11:37 | 1988 Haunted Bunk Beds of the Tallmann House
12:00 | San Pedro House - Jackie Hernandez - Cameraman (Wheatfield) hanging attack in the attic
13:21 | Documented Unresolved case of Winston House
15:19 | Daily News reported in 2015, an Oklahoma man discovered his kitchen | wall bleeding
17:15 | She Follows Me | Preston’s STORY
33:13 | Expansion Preview! Devil's Playthings - Ouija Boards, Ritual Games, and Halloween Nostalgia 🎃
37:37 | Get Nighstalker Beard Balm!
39:15 The Demon in the Tree-line | Chip’s STORY
53:58 | FISH RIVER FREAKINESS early 1900s - OL’ TWO TOE
57:52 | Haunted Baldwin County
58:18 | Haunting Brianna - Attacked at Home and Battles in the Astral - Brianna’s STORY
1:09:53 | OBEs and the Connection to Hauntings