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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Sep 11, 2022

In the last days of summer, when autumn winds whisper darkly among the trees, the unspoken things within the woods are watching ever more closely at the campers huddled around their dimming fires. 

What dark phantoms wait among the shadows with wide eyes and gnashing teeth?

From Grinning ghosts in cabin corners to unsettling encounters with the fairy folk... on this episode of Belief Hole, we bring you Camp Creeply 2 - terrifying true tales of the darker forest trails, and campground accounts with forgotten and hidden things.

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Lifting the Veil: Pre-Birth Memories and Near Death Explorations

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01:00 | Coming UP - True and Terrifying Caping Horror Stories
03:11 | Introduction - Fall is coming
05:16 | Ghosts, Wilderness Horror, Sylvan Dread and Dark Faries
06:43 | Sylvan Dread and the Oz Effect/Factor Conversation
10:10 | Jen’s Sylvan Dread Experience
11:14 | Jon’s Bigfoot Revelation!
15:56 | Ghost in the Cabin - STORY
21:01 | The Ghost Wilderness Area
23:16 | Hooded Creatures Come at Night - STORY
26:54 | Hooded Beings Surround my Truck! - STORY
31:32 | Night Walkers in the  California woods - STORY
35:07 | Stalked by Monsters
38:50 | Feral Humans - Steve Stockton
41:58 | John Morris’ Slyvan Dread Experience - STORY
41:58 | Disembodied Voices - Tim Marczenko
48:09 | Dr. Jill Cooper - Animal Psychologist & Communicator
49:54 | Expansion Preview - Lifting the Viel: Pre-Birth Memories and Near-Death Explorations (Lamar’s Story)
54:48 | Nightstalker Beard Oil- For a Superior Breed of Beard!
55:57 | Forest Deceivers
57:32 | Summoned by the Trees - STORY
01:01:44 | The Path not Taken - STORY
01:08:18 | Man of Sticks - STORY
01:11:48 | Pissing on the Wee Folk - STORY
01:15:04 | Final Thoughts - Camp Experiences and Fairy Folk
01:16:56 | Thank Yous!
01:23:25 | Outtakes