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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Mar 6, 2023

It’s 0:300. The base is quiet. You should feel safe here. There’s no active conflict and the barracks are secure.

But you’ve seen the shadows, and you’ve heard "it’s" voice. You know there’s something more to fear than any mortal enemy. Something darker. Something already dead.

From demonic winged intruders disguised as visiting angels to fierce protective dragons that guard your pathway to the astral - join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we unseal the archive and play back the tape to present harrowing accounts from the other side of the radio, and the outer edges of reality.

Introducing Strange Listener Stories 19

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00:00 | Episode Trailer

01:57 | Introduction: Strange Listener Stories 19 | Haunted Military Bases, Astral Dragons, Demonic Attacks and Reincarnation

04:36 | Okinawa Demon | Anonymity | STORY (haunted army base)

15:59 | Go Back to Bed, Sergeant | Matt | STORY (haunted army base)
21:09 | I Used to Work There | Jerry | STORY (reincarnation, past lives)
26:47 | You Will Call Me Master | Maximus | STORY (demonic attachement)

35:06 | Expansion Discussion

36:35 | Camp Creeply 3 Clip (Batsquatch, Talking Sheep and ‘IT!’ In the Sonoran Desert

38:36 | That’s No Angel | Danielle | STORY (Sleep Paralysis and demonic attack)

53:40 | The Dragon At My Window | Tiffany | STORY (astral travel)

1:00:42 | Member Thank Yous

1:06:13 | Outtakes


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