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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

May 15, 2022

In your rented home, alone for now, with roommates weeks away, there’s nothing to keep you company in the dead hours of the night, except for that macabre painting you noticed when you arrived -the one at the end of the hall – a grim scene of highway murder… It shares the idle hours with you.

And in the silence, things are beginning to stir. Something dead is pulling itself through its painted prison and into your hallway, and it’s walking toward your room!

From insane asylum key masters to Hawaiian spirit seduction, we pull at the threads of the ever-thinning veil as we arrive halfway to Halloween to bring you true and terrifying tales of the inexplicable and the unknown!

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4.7 EXP | Sallie House Haunting and Buried Ancient Entities

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In each episode of Knock Once for Yes, Lil & Fitz share their own spooky experiences with the paranormal, visit haunted locations, explore local legends & urban myths as well as share several of our listeners’ real ghost encounters.

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0:00 | Coming Up Preview | Halfway to Halloween - Haunted Paintings, Insane Asylum Gatekeepers, Static Spirits, and Hawaiian Succubus
4:35 | The Painting and the Swordsman | Thomas Stillwell
14:20 | The Persistence of Visions | Alan Murdie | Fortean Times
19:26 | Aqua Visitor | Tanya
27:03 | Follow Up / Porcelain Visitor
30:07 | Thank You Sky Whales! 🐳
33:35 | Checkout Knock Once for Yes Podcast
37:21 | Lil's Story | Static Spirit
42:17 | Static People, Static Entity Corroboration
44:17 | Fitz's Story | One Last Cup of Tea
49:52 | Grandma Visits Chris
51:42 | One Night at the Gas Station | Jackie | πŸš˜β›½οΈπŸ‘»
56:21 | Hawaiian Succubus | Joe| πŸŒΊπŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈ
01:01:35 | Asylum Gatekeeper or You Gotta Key? | Jolene
01:09:58 | Thank You, Members!
01:17:51 | Outtakes 🀫