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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 15, 2021

Gather round, ye Belieflings, as we present select strange but true stories. From Neighborhood Crawlers and floating building-like UFOs to Massage Mediumship and Phantom Cocktail Parties, we tilt back our snouts of the supernatural and sniff the sweet bouquet of the unexplained.

What did Allen see in the sky skies above south-central Ohio's Rickenbacker Air Force Base? Just beneath Columbus sits an oddly active sky which seems to be a hotbed of unidentified craft and unexplainable phenomena. 

Jon Mallory hits us with his Neighborhood Crawler encounter - a rake-like entity that's been make its way into the mainstream of cryptid culture in the last few yeas.

Josh blames paranormal activity on daddy-long-legs before being rescued from the pool by a helpful spirit.

Gina, a massage therapist, encounters a client with a translucent tag-along floating near the ceiling.

Jared is watched by whispering shadows, Simon's garage ghost wants his shovel back, and Sarah recounts a very personal story of possession, love and loss, with the realization that the ones we love and lose too soon, sometimes let us know it's okay to say goodbye.


03:11 | Topic Introduction: Strange Listener Stories 7
07:49 | Neighborhood Crawler | John Mallory
14:00 | Massage Mediumship | gina
23:31 | Rocky Mountain Oysters Tangent
24:56 | Spirit Pool Rescue (Man at the Window) | Josh
29:49 | Jeremy recalls childhood memories of a Grandma Impersonator Spirit
31:03 | Jon Dreams of Long-legged Beatle Spiders (From the Astral Plane?)
32:49 | In the Garage |Simon Von Elgg
38:13 | Night Lights | Allen
40:01 | Corroborating Account from the Area - Lockbourne, OH (MUFON)
42:19 | Building in the Sky! (MUFON)
44:00 | A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky | North Carolina
48:00 | Haunting Sarah | Sarah 
56:26 | Shadows on the Wall

Expansion Episode:
3.6 EXP | Strange Animal Activity, Otherworldly Artwork and Francis Bacon's Ghost Chicken

Full Show Notes: