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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Sep 16, 2021

There have been a disturbing number of reports of people encountering the most unusual and unsettling things. Dark imposters.. Entities who cloak themselves in the skin of friendly childhood companions.

They creep out from closets, whisper from underneath the bed, and peer in through darkened windows. But one thing they all have in common is their deceitful appearance. They are not who they appear to be. What are they and what do they want?

On this rare Unicorn Episode Release, we see if we can unmask the reality behind these muppet monsters.

Also... Sesame Street horrors, 6' tophat-wearing tuxedoed grasshopper beings, and please help yourself to more chapstick ;)

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Show Notes:
This week's Expansion episode:
Reptilians on the Reservation - Lizard People Among Us

Show Notes:

1:37 | Topic Intro: real monsters in the closet and the Interdimensional boogeyman
2:41 | Interdimensional Parasites, Fear Eaters, What is a Screen Memory?
4:14 | Screen memories in UFO Abduction and MK Ultra, Alice in Wonderland
5:41 | The Dark Feeder – Parasites – Paul Eno
6:44 | Exp Preview – Alien Races – Dante Santori + Morgellons
10:12 | Jeremy’s weird interdimensional theory about freaky faces in patterns (Psychic Echoes/Impressions)
12:21 | Creepy Muppet Encounters – Screen Memories, the Boogeyman and the Trickster
14:10 | Behind the Fur of Fozzie – Imposter Playmate | STORY
19:20 | Disguised Imposter Entities – Inhuman Insect Eyes
25:06 | Visited by the Count – 1.. 2.. Scream! | STORY
30:46 | ‘Count’ in the Closet – Another Nightmare | STORY
32:19 | Big Bird in the Closet/ Chapstick (Revisited) | STORY
35:33 | Big Bird Imposter Entity (Corroboration) | STORY
39:21 | “Big Bird was Eating Me” Nightmare | STORY
40:10 | Tickle Theory

42:36 | Donald Demon Duck | STORY
44:26 | The Silent Musicians – Possessed Muppets | STORY
56:34 | Headless Man and Horseyhead Man – Clyde Lewis | STORY
50:15 | Paul Eno – Interdimensional Boogeyman – Dancing Past the Graveyard
56:49 | Grasshopper Comes A Knocking – (ET Screen Memory) | STORY