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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Nov 13, 2021

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School's in session, Belieflings! And we've got a strange lesson for you today. When looking at UFO encounters throughout the last 100 years, a strange pattern begins to emerge. An unusually high number of daylight visitations and sightings seem to cluster around schools, leaving us with some of the most bizarre and confounding stories- independently verified by 100s of witnesses, in some cases.

From superintendent sky cigars to space gorilla schoolyard threats, we present true tales of the strange visitors most likely to steal your lunch money.

So grab a hall pass and make a break for the exit, because when the bell rings, the invasion has begun!


01:27 | Topic Introduction - Schoolyard UFO Encounters | Preston Dennett
04:11 | Playground encounter pattern and the UFO motive
06:52 | Fowler and Keel independently observe growing UFO encounters at schools 10:09 | List of UFO Schoolyard Encounters, locations and stats, yo!
13:10 | What are these things? Military? Inner Earth? Breakaway Civilization? Legit ETs?
13:47 | Are we seeing a Nazi Breakaway Civilization? Admiral Byrd and Antarctica
16:45 | Occult technology pulled from the abyss? cathode ray and television
19:29 | Back to School! Pyramids in the Park - Our First STORY
23:40 | Materialism - losing imagination in science
27:17 | What Do Rockets Wake? | STORY
29:18 | Space Gorilla VS Cow | STORY
38:23 | Could the Humanoids be Government Tech? Grays/Androids | Travis Walton
43:49 | EXPANSION PREVIEW | Near-Death Experience Stories (NDE)
50:54 | It Wraps the World in its Web (Angel Hair) | STORY
57:32 | Angel Hair Phenomenon - UFO residue
01:01:32 | Sky Spins Supernatural Silk | STORY
01:05:09 | Schoolyard UFO Encounters and Dennett's other Great Books
01:06:29 | Awkward wrap-up and brotherly banter
01:11:31 | Upcoming UFO disclosure - conjecture and suspicion

Near-Death Experience Stories (NDE)