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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Dec 12, 2019

Welcome to Season 2, Belieflings! We're back in the Hole and celebrating the magic of the season by exploring icy mysteries and the hidden history of the north pole. 

We begin with mysterious tales of tragedy from enigmatic Antarctica, including the strange disappearance of Carl Disch from Byrd Station at the South Pole. In the second half, we dive into Mercator's mysterious map of the North Pole, which describes a magical and wondrous place made of vanishing islands, little people, and a magnetic mountain at the center of the north pole.. But was it real???

Also.. Inventio Fortunata Fever, John Dee Navigation, and Jeremy Loves Maps

Listen to Part 2!
Mokele-mbembe - Dinosaurs Alive Today



12:20 | The disappearance of Carl Disch
27:50 | Crevice Mystery
33:45 | Patreon Stinger - Molly
40:00 | Mercator’s North Pole
01:02:08 | Patreon Stinger - Ben S.
01:07:38 | Expansion Preview



Tragedy and Mystery in Antarctica

Strange Disappearance of Carl Disch

14 October 1965: Jeremy Bailey, David Wild and John Wilson

The Mystery of Mercator’s North Pole /
North Pole- What is it really?

Insert in Mercator's World Map (1569) | Full Res Map:

North Pole | Insert in Mercator's World Map (1569)

Map historian Chet Van Duzer of Berkley University

Mercator's Letter to John Dee - Earle de Blonville

Inventio Fortunata

The book ‘Smokey God’ by Willis George Emerson [ 1908]


Frisland - Where did it go?
Full Res Map Link:

Mercator-North Pole-Frisland

Pygmei Sinking/ flooding between maps:

Pygmei Island Comparison - North Pole Maps

Wikipedia/WikiTalk - ‘Fringe Theory’