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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Feb 4, 2022

You turn out the lights. You slip beneath your cozy covers, eager to drift into a new dream. All seems well from beneath the sheets... Until something strange begins to happen. A curious vibration begins at the back of your head, pulling you out of your body. You sink beneath the bed to find a disturbing face, grinning at you from the darkness... Some... thing you didn’t know was there.

From light beaming astral worms to camp counselor pyrokinesis, we explore the reality hidden just beyond the veil. So dim the lights and stoke the campfire, as we present to you, curious listener strange but true tales of the inexplicable and the unknown.

Also.. OBEs, Haunted Restaurants, and Secret Automotive Technology


3:03 | Sheila's Creepy Shadow Person Video
4:47 | Pyrokinetics at Camp | Sonja's Story
7:56 | Psychic/ Bioelectric Energy Convo
9:59 | Ring of Fire - Dynamo Jack - Chi Energy | CLIP
14:08 | Astral Boogeyman Under the Bed | Racheal's Story
17:20 | Hypnagogic State/ Astral Entities Convo
20:57 | Devilish Grimace | Kayla's Story
25:45 | Proving Lucid Dreaming - Experiences and Studies
31:19 | How to Share your Strange Listener Story
32:03 | Dancing Swedish | Christian's Story
37:29 | Expansion Setup: Train Tracks of Terror! Railways to Elsewhere!
38:57 | Expansion Preview
42:49 | Unseen Guests and Balls of Tangled Laser Light | Leena's Story
47:45 | Astral Entity Connections
49:05 | Astral Slugs, Leaches, Spiders and Crabs
50:05 | The Worm Comes at Night | Doug's Story
51:56 | Astral Segmented Worm Corroboration
52:25 | Ghost Worm at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
54:43 | Ceremonial Magician Attracts Attacks by Astral Parasites
58:19 | Devil in the Dumbwaiter | Cas' Story
1:05:02 | Strange Recall: Advanced Auto Parts | Brady's Story
1:09:01 | Member Thank Yous!


4.1 EXP | Train Tracks of Terror and Railways to Elsewhere