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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Dec 19, 2021

The Amount of High Strangeness that orbits the world of twins is daunting. From Evidence of ESP and Shared Dreams to Unexplained, Synchronistic Deaths, Studying the curious accounts relayed by multiples gives us a peek through the very fabric of reality. What does their seemingly bifurcated destiny say about the connectedness of humanity in general and even reality itself? Join us as we explore truly bizarre tales of 'twinly' happenings (including some of our own;).

Also.. John is a nimble deer, Chris wonders if Jeremy is a figment of his imagination, and Motel Golf Gambling LIVE synchronicities (stick around after the thank yous for the mind-blowing revelation!)


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3.19 EXP | Real Encounters with Gremlins

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00:01 | Topic Preview - Shared Dreams, Twin Telepathy and ESP, Bifurcated destiny and Synchronistic Death
02:02 | Topic Introduction - Twins, ESP, Parallelism, Chronobiology
04:53 | Strange Separated Twin Tendencies, and Shared Destiny Discussion
08:51 | Types of Twins (Fraternal, Identical, Identical Mirror, Monoamniotic, and Conjoined)
13:39 | The Jim Twins and Shared Destiny
19:15 | Jud And Harry’s Epic Brotherhood: An Incredible Reunion Story
19:27 | The Curious World of Twins, by Margaret and Vincent Gaddis
30:14 | Biological Synchronization, Intergenerational Patterns, Universe Conspiring Synchronicity around Twins
33:15 | From Womb to Tomb, Akron Ohio Fishing Gimmick, Dual Destiny, Magnus Hirschfeld’s Study of Robert and Peter, Matching Murders
36:32 | Sympathetic Consequences of Twins, The Chillsim Twins
38:04 | SoulPhone Foundation, MUFON, Spread Eagle Tavern, Ohio is the Center of the Universe
39:20 | The Quiet Men of Dunkirk
40:54 | Unexplained, Synchronized Deaths, Shared Final Destination STORIES and Shared Souls
51:17 | Jeremy and Chris (from Belief Hole) share some of their strange twin experiences 
54:17 | EXPANSION PREVIEW: Real Encounters with Gremlins!
50:30 | Heather and Scott From The Freaky Deaky Podcast Share Heather’s Lost Twin Story with the Hole!
01:07:30 | Even Alexander NDE Story
01:09:14 | More Wierd Personal Twin Stories from Chris and Jeremy
01:11:48 | Twin Crisis Apparition with a Shyamalan Twist - Lloyd and Roy Henderson
01:14:08 | Final Thoughts, Twins as a lens for Humanities Extrasensory Connection and the Strange and Hidden Patterns and Pathways of the Universe
01:15:21 | Patron and Expansion Member Thank You’s
01:20:54 | Chris’s Insane Dream Premonition- LIVE Synchronicity Involving Dreams of Motel Carpet Golf Gambling
01:22:28 | Freaky Deaky Shoutout
01:24 | Secret Outtakes!