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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Oct 31, 2021

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have cultivated an unusual, shared belief, that in the Autumn season, the Vale between this world and the next thins.. and the dead return to roam. 

The Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong and India’s Pitney Paksha are just a couple of examples, but the most well-known, of course, is Samhain, the ancient Celtic holiday that gave birth to Halloween. One can’t help but wonder if these traditions, in fact, honor a real supernatural occurrence. A mass visitation of nocturnal visitors...

What do these spirits seek, and what sorts of otherworldly creatures follow them through this transient gateway?

On this episode of Belief Hole, we explore chilling accounts of a shadowy cast of characters, from the ancient Tuatha De Danann, to the fear-eating Dogmen of Matanuska Valley, and all sorts of eerie entities in between. Join us, as we light a candle, set out the candy, and conjure up, true tales of Halloween Horror!

Also.. Jon dreams of other realities, Jeremy chooses tricks over treats, and Chris threatens to use the Ouija!


0:01 | Topic Introduction | Halloween, Samhain, the Lifting of the Vale and a mass visitation of nocturnal visitors
2:28 | Halloween.. Tornado?
3:50 | Topic Introduction 2 | True Halloween Horror Stories
5:16 | Shout Out: Sue La Rose! Thanks for the book (Quackery)!
6:28 | Jeremy’s Manhattan PKE Mystery
9:21 | Oweynagat Cave – The Reality of Celtic Samhain Traditions
11:11 | Perchten Pagan Festival
12:30 | Celtic Otherworld, the Tuatha Dé Danann, Tír na nÓg – Missing 411, Fortean Fogs, Fairy / Faie Lore and the Dogman Connection
19:42 | Harry Hand in the Hall | Story
23:05 | Green Children of Woolpit (brief mention)
25:10 | The Swaying Observer | Story
28:09 | 2 Corroborating Accounts (Bannik) | Story
30:39 | Swaying Spooks, The Night Walkers, and other unexplained visitors
32:18 | A Lift From The Grave (or) Graveyard Shocker | Minette | Story
40:15 | The Halloween Prop (A Dogman Story) | Melissa H. | Story
46:43 | NEW Dogman T-Shirt! | Fancy Crafts
47:48 | Graveyard Ghosts, Cemetery Creepers and Dogman of the Dead! | EXPANSION Discussion
50:37 | Halloween Fire Burial (A Ouija Board Story)| Story
56:29 | The Woman in the Basement | Jennifer | Story
1:06:11 | Patron And Expansion Member Thank Yous FULL SHOW NOTES:

3.17 EXP | Graveyard Ghosts, Cemetary Creepers, and Dogman of the Dead!