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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Oct 15, 2021

PERSONAL UPDATE: Hey guys, we are sad to announce, the Belief Hole is currently one brother down. Chris has been hit with some back-related issues, and after a brief stint in the ER, he is out of commission. He's home now, and eager to get back to work, but that may take some time. We just wanted to let you amazing listeners know what's going on in case of delays with episode drops or what have you. We'll have to see how things progress with him to know how much it will affect our upcoming schedule, but we'll keep everyone posted with updates over at As always, thank you all so much for the support and understanding.

Without further ado, onto the show...

Since Thomas Edison recorded the first audible human words on tin foil, mankind has been documenting its every experience on the earth. But a small number of dedicated recordists have been listening... in between the sound; In the hum and hiss of the white noise. Listening for voices that may not want to be heard.

Who belongs to these voices? What are they trying to tell us? Can we trust what they’re saying?

On this episode of Belief Hole, we search the sonic darkness to bring you voices from beyond the veil. So, sit back and dust off your tape recorder, as we discuss the secretive speakers and cryptic communications from the other side.


6:08 - Otherworldly music - expansion description
9:20 - The Audible Lifestream/ Celestial Sound/ Sound underneath all reality
13:31 | Our Accidental EVP adventure
23:15 | Jon’s review of our EDP results
23:37 | Chris get scared in a graveyard
26:00 | Supernatural connection to Graveyards
26:41 | “Shadow, Good Boy!” | EVP
34:07 | Robert's Demon Growl | EVP
45:28 | Sound Iron Stinger
50:45 | EVP Voices - Medium, ITC - Youtube Channel

EVP FAQs from EVP Voices

52:28 | How are your EVPs so clear?
56:15 | Are interactions with the living viewed as paranormal to the dead?
58:39 | How are we perceived? Are we intruding on their era?
1:00:31 | Facebook Crash Conspiracy Theory Tangent
1:06:26 | Can you trust who the speakers say they are?
1:10:11 | Do you have a mediator who turns them off when you need to focus elsewhere?
1:11:16 | MES and Otherworldly Music (More in Expansion)

Get Expansion Episode:

3.16 EXP | Otherworldly Music, Hauntings and the Psychic Ether


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