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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 3, 2021

Among the foreboding forests and ancient swamps of New England stirs a sleepless force – a fuel for unusual phenomena. Described as a ‘Paranormal Disney World’, the Bridgewater Triangle is a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal activity and high strangeness, and at its dark beating heart - the mysterious Hockomock Swamp. This phenomena includes, but is not limited to:

UFOs, Bigfoot, Red-Headed Hitchhikers, Ghost Lights, Demon Dogs, Occult Rituals, Swamp Spirits, and of course.. Pukwudgies (the mysterious and menacing little people of the Wampanoag people).

Join us as we peer into the wilderness to witness the bizarre happenings here.

3.05 | Bridgewater Triangle - Occult Activity in Freetown-Fall River State Forest

3.05 | Bridgewater Triangle - Puckwudgies and Paranormal in Hockomock Swamp

17:47 | Dark History of the Hockomock Swamp – ‘Place Where Spirits Dwell’
19:34 | Spirits in the Swamp – Hobomock: Wampanoag Deity of Death
21:02 | Local Bridgewater Resident – Testimony of High Strangeness
22:23 | Freetown Forest – Evil Energy and Occult History (More in Expansion)
23:48 | Puckwudgue – little hidden folk of the Wampanoag/ Algonquin
28:09 | Puckwudgue Encounter in Hockomock Swamp – Bil Russo – 1990
36:32 | Joan Encounters a Puckwudgie, the Troll of Freetown Forest
43:59 | Cop VS Thunderbird – SGT Downy Encounter at Bird Hill
46:57 | Sound Iron Stinger – Miskatonic University 80s Ad
51:12 | 1639 UFO Over Back Bay, Boston Harbor
53:30 | UFOs in Paintings in Antiquity, UFO Accounts in History
57:06 | Redheaded Hitchhiker of Route 44
1:00:50 | Barbara Hits Ghost Hitchhiker of Bridgewater Triangle
1:02:22 | Creepiest Redheaded Hitchhiker Encounter- Hanson Account
1:07:43 | Kristen Good​ – Schoolhouse Ghost Child – Middleboro, Mass
1:12:50 | Is the Bridgewater Triangle a Real Phenomena – Detective Allan Alves