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Feb 18, 2021

'Disembodied Voices: true accounts of hidden begins' is a fascinating work by Tim Marczenko, wherein he recovers forgotten lore from private collections and research centers and speaks with witnesses who've encountered anomalous, disembodied voices- some that help, some that haunt, and some that seem to be hunting.. us! We discuss the possible suspects (the Leshi, the Nishi, the Great Pan), the Missing 411 connection and dig into some truly bizarre first hand encounters. 

Also.. Sylvan Dread, Interdimensional Ping Pong, and Dudes at the Gym

3:30 | Weirdo at the Gym
7:20 | A Phantom Picks the Topic
8:39 | Topic Introduction | Disembodied Voices and Hidden Beings
11:20 | Tim and the Voice in the Forest | STORY
20:43 | Sylvan Dread, the Pan Connection and Missing 411
31:48 | Elaine and the Mouse | STORY
35:50 | Discussion | Interdimensional Feeders, Screen Memories
41:09 | Chris and the Deer
42:30 | Into the Arms of the Octopus
43:08 | Rick and Woody | STORY
47:37 | Tims hunt to name it leads to the Nishi and Missing 411
52:27 | That's Not Your Girlfriend, Micheal! STORY
57:01 | Dark Amusements and Theme Park Ghosts | EXPANSION PREVIEW
1:00:51 | Say My Name | STORY
1:02:05 | Closing Thoughts
1:03:14 | Patron Stinger | Stacy Luukkonen
1:06:29 | New Patrons Thank You's!


Dark Amusements and Theme Park Ghosts