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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Oct 29, 2020

What better time to tell some creepy tales of the modern-day werewolf: the dogman. With cryptid sightings increasing, we wanted to once again explore the potential reality of the dogman phenomenon through witness encounters as well as corroborated historical evidence, with some ancient artifacts thrown in for good measure.

Almost never do we hear of an encounter where the dogman has harmed a human. The primary goal of these questionably-corporeal canine cryptids seem to be to elicit maximum fear from the victim before vanishing into the night. Could these creatures be simply feeding on our darkest energies produced during an extreme state of terror? And have these fear-eating, terror-tasters been engorging themselves on our fear, and the fright of our ancestors throughout recorded history?

Join us as we answer all these questions to absolute and unquestioned satisfaction… as much as possible based on the evidence we’ve been able to gather. Hint…. THEY’RE REAL!

Also.. fear vending machines, ancient space werewolf theory, and Jon really wants to know what dogman does all day

2.21 EXP | Real Werewolves and Interview with a 439 Yr Old Floridian Vampire


06:54 | Topic Introduction | Return of Dogman and Paranormal Doorways
09:00 | Dogman – Not a New Phenomena – Dwayyo of Maryland (1940s)
12:08 | Flixton Werewolf, Paul Sinclair – Alt Reality Window Areas
17:21 | Nick Redfern | Memoirs of a Monster Hunter / Other-Realm Entities
18:58 | Graveyard Dogman Connection
20:45 | Jefferson County Square of Weirdness, Dogman Sightings | Linda Godfrey
22:57 | Night Watchmen’s Werewolf Encounter (1936) | “ga-dar-rah.”
33:08 | Jefferson County | Pattern of Wolf-like, Dogman Attacks on Horses
38:33 | Inside Edition | Beast of Bray Road | Sheriff’s Werewolf Folder
43:44 | Silver Creek, OH, Dogman Sighting + Norton Chicken Thief
46:19 | Cemetery Encounters – Demon Dogs – Entrances to Other Worlds
49:14 | Graveyard Bolters – Roadside Dogman Encounter | Linda Godfrey
56:06 | Terrifying Beasts Sweep Ancient Middle East | 625 AD | Zuqnin Chronicle
58:05 | Artifact depicting Wolf-Headed Men 1st Century AD
59:07 | Iranian Männerbund – Artifacts of the Two-Legged Wolf | 300-100 BCE
1:00:00 | Holy Hill Bearwolf | DNR Dogman Attack | Linda Godfrey
1:00:14 | Trucker Dogman Sighting, Central Ohio
1:07:44 | Expansion Ep Preview | Real Werewolves and Interview a 439 YR Old Vampire
1:13:00 | Ancient Dogman From Space | Remote Viewer’s Theory | Linda Godfrey
1:20:52 | Shout Out – Edgar and Alex
1:21:24 | Patron Thank Yous!