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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Aug 19, 2020

Camping- Is there a better summertime tradition? Of course not! Whether you’re backpacking with old friends or hunkering down in a cabin with strangers at summer camp, it's a unique human experience that's guaranteed to forge inescapable nostalgia. But at Camp Belief Hole, woodland monsters stalk the backpackers, and those strangers in the cabin with you.. aren’t quite human.

Join us on us around the fire, as we tell true tales of kayaking witches, slime-throated dogmen, the buzz-kill that is Mosquito Man and everything in between!

Also.. A pervy Mt. St. Helen's Ghosts, an Encapsulated Man-Cow's, and Jeremy's irrational fear of bears


2.16 | Mysteries of Antarctica - Secrets Beneath the Ice


5:45| Brian's Big Cat
7:03 | Jeremy Dream's Bears
13:55 | Topic Introduction - True, Creepy Campfire Tales!
16:14 | Witch in the Water
22:30 | Just Outside the Tent
24:07 | Synchronized Sleeping
26:35 | The Girl and the Professor's Dream | STORY
28:17 | Primal Magic of the Woods | DISCUSSION
32:53 | Bight Lights | Jon's Music
35:55 | The Overlook Knocker | STORY
39:46 | Help | STORY
45:48 | Encapsulated Man-Cow (The Bosak Humanoid) |STORY
50:43 | Native Lore | The Deer Woman, Yunwitsandsdi, Hidden Folk
52:23 | Mosquito Man | STORY
54:30 | Norwegian Dogman - Slime-throat of Norway | STORY
59:20 | It was Communicating | (Dogman) STORY
1:03:52 | Patron Stinger | Alejandra
1:07:06 | Expansion Discussion | Mysteries of Antarctica
1:07:45 | Patron Thank You's


Bright Lights