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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Jun 16, 2020

These summer nights are alive with nocturnal secrets, and with them, the tails of never-ending strangeness that have always, and will forever, flavor our lives.

We've heard the call of the Night Listener, and have come to share their confounding and terrifying experiences with you! Black Magic in India, Haunted homes with dark treasures, Strange creatures in the clouds, and more, all await you in.. the Belief Hole.

Also.. Black Magic Blood Manifestations, Ghost Heart attacks, and Bad Parenting with Clowns

GET EXPANSION EPISODE | EXP 2.13 | Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods/ Extreme Cryptids


TIMESTAMPS: 3:57 | Listener stories begin
5:52 | Creepy clowns, Fear feeders, Siren Head
8:15 | Fearsome Creatures of Lumberwoods Introduction
10:42 | Wrinkles the clown – pay him to scare your kids!
00:16:54 | Alex’s Story | El Paso, TX | Multiple Spirit Haunting
00:21:58 | Michela’s Story | It’s Always Watching Me
00:25:09 | Sukhi’s Story | Black Magic in India, Blood Manifestation
00:31:10 | Sky Creature Revisiting (Video Link)
00:34:43 | Cutler George’s Story | Sky Creatures At Lake Mohave
00:37:35 | Kalie’s Story | Farmhouse Ghosts and a Mysterious Burial
00:45:19 | Jeremy’s Speakpipe | Alabama White Thang
00:49:00 | Justin’s Story | Haunted Austin – The House Ghost
00:53:54 | EXPANSION PREVIEW – Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods
00:59:16 | Corey’s Story | Shadows from the Ashes | Shadow People Haunt a Family in Crisis