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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Jun 1, 2020

Is there a ‘Breakaway Civilization’ that’s been orbiting willy nilly around our planet for decades- using clandestine technologies to explore and colonize our solar system?! There is an ever-growing nebula of evidence and whistleblower testimony that cries yes! Bases on the Moon? Check. Silent, Black Triangles? Check. Presidential, extraterrestrial meetings? You know it!

On this episode, we follow the incredible claims and evidence deep into the Belief Hole. So strap in, you star-stepping rocket jockey, and join us for a classified, exploratory mission!

Also.. Brazilian Sky Battles, Pentagon Password Fail and Chris' Spaceship Loneliness

EXP 2.12 | Corey Goode or Bad, Secret Space Adventures and Time Travel Tales


04:45 |Project Camelot | Project Avalon Discussion
06:56 | Disclosure Project | Steven Greer
09:03 | Topic Introduction | Breakaway Civilization
09:41 | Brazil UFO Attack
12:17 | Breakaway Civilization | Advanced Technology |Space Force
15:43 | Kenneth Arnold | What He Really Saw
19:49 | Flying Wing | Nazi Germany’s HO 229 Craft
22:15 | Eisenhower Secret Extraterrestrial Meeting
27:45 | ET Presidential Invitation – Eyewitness
40:21 | Regan’s Secret Space Program Clue in Presidential Diary
42:30 | Gary McKinnon Pentagon Hack | Non-Terrestrial Officers
52:35 | Skunkworks’ Ben Rich Telling Quote
59:09 | Black Triangles with Night Vision | Richard Dolan
1:07:47 | Nasa Eyewitness Whistle Blower | Airbrushing UFO’s
1:12:57 | Tactical Air Command Whistleblower | Bases on the Moon
1:17:07 | Richard Dolan | The Breakaway Civilization and its Implications
1:21:04 | Patron Stinger | Tricia White
1:26:59 | Expansion Preview | Corey Goode’s Secret Space Wars
1:41:31 | Patron Stinger | Nick Benson