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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

May 31, 2022

Recent studies indicate that the majority of children are communicating with someone or something that isn’t quite there. We call these invisible companions.. imaginary friends.

Logic dictates that on the whole, these are innocuous, invented beings, playmates concocted by the child as a social supplement or as creative expression, but when unexplainable things begin to happen and little Jonny begins describing the horrid and unimaginable, might we consider that the unseen friend peeking from behind the closet door is not only NOT Imaginary, but also, might not really be a friend?

On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we recount tales of close encounters with unseen Imposters Entities!


01:00 | Intro Preview - The Reality of Imaginary Friends
03:26 | Topic Introduction - Imaginary Friends that aren’t so Imaginary
07:54 | University of Washington Study
10:49 | Inherited Friends | STORY
11:48 | Inherited Friends 2 | STORY
12:20 | Tulpa Discussion
13:29 | Where Johnny Lives | STORY
15:34 | In the Basement | STORY
18:15 | Purple Mommy | STORY
20:30 | Spirits of Exploration | STORY
25:09 | Bra and Underpants Girl | STORY
27:18 | The Night People | Chasing American Monsters | STORY
31:35 | Expansion Discussion | The Dark Watchers of the California Coast
35:08 | Expansion Preview | The Dark Watchers of the California Coast
36:35 | Belvia and Hay-Hay | Andy C | STORY
51:33 | NIGHTSTALKER Beard Products Launch! Ruddy Man Grooming!
54:07 | Irving’s Box of Bones | STORY | Ghost to Ghost (Art Bell)
58:20 | Final Thoughts and Conclusions
1:00:45 | Thank Yous!!
1:06:41 | OUTTAKES


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4.8 | Dark Watchers of the California Coast