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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Sep 17, 2020

Any conspiracy theorist worth his salt has experienced being the weird guy at the party, trying to recount some evidence to prove his perspective after maybe one too many bourbons, and then suddenly asked.. "so who are THEY anyway?" If you've been in this position, well fear not! On this episode, we're going to track the origins of the Illuminati and provide some evidence for its potential infiltration into the unsuspecting brotherhood of the Freemasons and alleged, continued influence in society today.

We summon and analyze archaic letters from George Washington admitting his concern of Illuminati corruption of early America before opening the closet to expose a couple skeletons of the Skull and Bones. Finally, we peer through the esoteric firelight of the Bohemian Grove and pull back the curtain on its creepy naked elite attendees, while analyzing evidence for its direct connection to the Bavarian Illuminati. 

Also.. Jeremy 'gets by', Jon thinks snakes have arms, and Chris accidentally gets a demonic maternity pillow

2.18 EXP | Skull and Bones and Secret Society Shenanigans


12:43 | Illuminati Snake Arms
14:02 | Adam Weishaupt and Illuminati Infiltration of Freemasonry Theory
16:26 | John Robison | Proof of a Conspiracy
23:21 | George Washington Admits Illuminati Infiltration Concern
26:42 | Bohemian Grove Cult of Minerva Introduction
31:14 | George Washington Recognizes Illuminati Influence
39:00 | Jacobinism Influence - predecessor of the Illuminati
40:52 | Illuminti / Jacobin Principles [Proof of a Conspiracy]
55:01 | Weird UN New World Order Song
1:00:28 | Bohemian Grove Owl - Ritual to Baal or Minerva?
1:03:11 | Illuminati Symbolism in Pop Culture and the Music Industry
1:09:20 | Magic for the elite/ forbidden for the people
1:11:16 | Connecting to Bohemian Grove to the Illuminati through Minerva Owl Worship
1:27:57 | Patron Stinger - Deanna!