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Jan 15, 2023

Standing sentinel on the California Coast is the stunning and mysterious Santa Lucia Mountain Range. But among this wild beauty, there have been reports of phantoms. Dark looming “watchers”, have allegedly been seen since the arrival of the Spanish in the 1700s, and perhaps going back millennia earlier with the native Chumash people.

Reported by travelers and locals alike, the accounts remain consistent. Adorned in dark cloaks and wide-brim hats, these black giants of the fog stand motionless, and with featureless faces, surveying the crags and cliffs with a haunting, uninterrupted gaze.

Should you approach one of these ever-vigilant sentinels, they will simply vanish into the mist that shrouds the secrets of this ancient land. What are they, and what is their clandestine purpose?!

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 01:20 | Dark Watchers - Description / Setting
9:49 | Los Vigilantes Oscurus
10:31 | Small Pointed Ears Wrapped in Shadow | STORY
11:26 | It Watched from Above Me | STORY
17:37 | They look like Horses on hind legs | STORY
1918 | The Raven Man | STORY
21:56| Surrounded by Hunched Creatures | STORY
24:31 | Beyond the Barbwire | STORY
30:40 |  Richard Syrett's Strange Planet | 🔥RECOMMENED PODCAST
 | These things are Annual!! | STORY
32:04 | Early Records and writings of the Dark Watchers
33:06 | John Steinbeck’s Dark Watchers and his mother's encounter
37:15 | The Chumash Connection
42:04 | The Brocken Specter Argument 
49:43 | La Diablesse of the Caribbean