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Jul 8, 2020

There is a mysterious story embedded at the very heart of the founding of the independence of America. An unnamed figure who rises during fearful exclamations of doubt at the Continental Congress just before the legendary declaration was signed. He makes his fiery speech in favor of signing, the founders are inspired and encouraged, and the rest is history.

Who was this mysterious figure? Was he part of a secret brotherhood, a hidden hand guiding mankind through history and affecting specific changes at key moments?

Some say he was Count de St Germain, the legendary immortal galavanting through Europe and regaling kings and fellow nobles with his alchemical tells and hints at elixirs of life.

Join us in the episode as we uncover alleged Freemason plots and Rosicrucian rites as described by Manly P Hall in the Secret Teaching of All Ages and the Secret Destiny of America. Then we trace accounts and writings of the supposed immortal St Germain in Europe, his connection to Benjamin Franklin, and his occulted and ciphered alchemical writings.

FINALLY, we hunt down a vampire in New Orleans a century later who might be the very same immortal Count.

Also.. The triangular Manuscript, bloody Báthory, and Jon is really bummed he can't be immortal ;(

06:33 |Roanoke Letdown
12:11 | Mysterious Man at the Signing of The Declaration of Independence
20:39 | Freemason, Rosicrucian and Theosophical Connection
25:29 | Vampire Connection, Bloody Elizabeth Báthory
31:50 | Theosophy and Reincarnating Adepts
34:06 | Count St Germain, Alchemy and Mesmerism
41:39 | Accounts of the Immortal by Historical Figures
110:24 | Mysterious Professor Meets the Founders
1:16:10 | Evidence of Secret Society Intervention | Illuminati Branding
1:27:07 | Ouija Boards Gone Wild Introduction
1:29:54 | Patron Stinger | Nikki Brown
1:40:52 | Ouija Clip | Expansion Preview
1:47:09 | The Vampire Connection
1:54:21 | Jacque St Germain | Vampire of New Orleans
2:03:19 | Blavatsky, Theosophy and Crowley 
2:12:32 | Vampire Comment Thread Madness

Ouija Boards Gone Wild: Featuring ZOZO

Count de St Germain | Immortals | The Phantom of Independence / Benjamin Franklin's Vampire