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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 8, 2023

Before cities and electric light, we had the true dark and stars for light. And all the monsters of the night. Before the World Wide Web, there was the world tree, connecting the 9 realms, and our ancestors living in the realm of Midgard spoke daily with spirits, bartered with elves, and avoided the trails where trolls where known to tread. Through the rational lens of the present day, we call them fairytales. They simply called them Huldufolk- the hidden people.

Could encounters with the unexplained many experience today simply be glimpses of this other realm, our mysterious hidden neighbors from times long past, peaking through occasionally into our noisy modern world, when there’s a quiet moment, or a creak of the closet door, just to remind us, they’re still there. watching. Unseen in the dark.

Recommended Channels: 
"Combining scholarly knowledge and expert crafting skills being added to a deep lifelong interest in Viking culture"

 @wardruna  "Wardruna is a Norwegian music group dedicated to create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions"

Legend and Lore | IG "Folklore - Legends - Ancient Cultures - Creatures - Mysteries of the Universe. Interpret as you see fit."


Expansion Episode:

Viking Afterlife and the Undead!


00:00 I |ntroduction trailer - Huldafolk encounters, Norse Folklore, Viking magic

02:30 | The hidden world, viking and norse belief system

05:09 | Cross-cultural gnomes, nisse, elves and fairies

08:00 | Vættir - spirits in Norse mythology, álfar (elves), dvergar (dwarves), jötnar (giants), and gods (the Æsir and Vanir)

11:05 |Snorri Sturluson and the the Edda’s

14:09 | How to see into the invisible world! Hedge-Riding and the Hag Stone

27:44 | Völva the Norse/Viking Witch / Seeress

31:12 | 4 Parts of the Soul and the Dead

38:55 | Expansion Discussion: The Huldra and the Viking afterlife and the Undead - Draugr, Haugbui And Aptrgangr 

43:30 | –  35:37 | Trolls

51:49 | Tiny Toll Encounter [ STORY ]

54:09 | Dwarves ( Black Elves, Dark Elves)

56:58 | Run-in with a house gnome [ STORY ]

01:00:37 | HuldaFolk in the field [ STORY ]

01:02:22 | Red Cap Encounter [ STORY ]

01:04:00 | Bite from a Duende [ STORY ]

01:07:21 | Grimfrost, Neil Price and Wardruna

01:09:11 | Member Thank Yous!