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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Feb 24, 2023

From the misty mountains of Appalachia to dimly lit backstreets of suburbia, a living nightmare is lurking. A frightful bipedal werewolfian beast, reported for centuries under different names, today it is called the Dogman. And some Accounts .. are more horrifying than others.

There are particular attributes to these encounters which suggest a sinister intelligence and almost demonic intent, to elicit maximum terror.Who are these dark visitors, and what is their purpose. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole, as we follow the unsettling patterns to track down the darker side of Dogman.


00:00 | Trailer: the Darker side of Dogman
01:52 | Topic Introduction: Demon Dogman and Nightmare Encounters
09:27 | Terrifying Cherry bomb Dogman Encounter | Story
19:18 | Story Reaction
23:42 | Beware the Horse Eater | Story
32:43 | We Stopped Going to the Cabin | Story
36:05 | The fairy Connection - Grim -  Robin Goodfellow - Puck
42:47 | It was so wrong | Story - Paranormal Parasite
50:32 | Expansion Discussion: Dogman Demonology and Appalachian Magic
51:40 | Expansion Preview - Window Tapper
53:13 | Art Bell and Linda Godfrey Interview - Headlight Horror | Story
58:56 | Tracks of the Man Wolf | Linda Godfrey | Story
01:09:04 | Outside my Apartment Window
01:12:36 | Member Thank Yous!

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5.3 | Backwoods Werewolves and Dogman Magic

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• Dogman and Fear Eaters: Windows to Other worlds

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