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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Jun 17, 2022

It’s late at night.

You’re driving a lonely stretch of forested road. Up ahead you catch a glimpse of something in your headlights. As you start to slow down you’re thinking to yourself, “It must be a deer.”

But there’s something wrong. There’s something about it that’s not quite right. It’s not quite a deer. As you begin to process what you’re seeing, your stomach sinks. As the thing raises up to meet its eyes to yours, its disfigured joints begin to crack and pop into place, and with a predator's stare and sinister grin, it is eager to meet you. This is no deer.

On this episode of Belief Hole, we dissect alleged true accounts of the Appalachian Not Deer and compare them to strange reports from the early 20th century.

Join us, as we explore the hoofed horror of animal mimics, shapeshifters, and sinister imposters.

3:59 | Not Deer / Deor introduction
5:53 | Description of the Not Deer
6:47 | No Creepypasta Allowed
8:20 | Imposter Entities/ Animal Mimics
11:00 | Description continues
11:27 | Zac’s Creepy Deer Encounter
16:40 | Origin: Madison’s ‘Not Deer’
23:32 | Skeptic - The CWD argument
27:17 | Glitching Not Deer Attack | STORY
31:17 | Like a Human on All Fours | STORY
33:00 | Hiding Within the Heard | STORY
35:42 | Don’t Stop the Car | STORY
38:35 | Strange Nature: Man-Eating Plants and Gypsy Ghost Stories
44:14 | EXPANSION PREVIEW | Vampire Vine Clip
46:27 | Get Nightstakker Beard Products!
48:13 Bizarre historical encounters from Albert Rosales
48:48 | Uncanny Valley - Signs of the Imposter
49:40 | 1939 Strange Deer Creature | STORY
50:42 | Mrs Laubs ‘Pads for Feet’ 1951 | STORY
52:15 | Deer Caught Eating Human Being!
53:55 Animal Pretenders, Possessed Animals - Beyond Creepy
56:50 | You Weren’t Supposed to See That | STORY
58:33  | Unsettling Deer-Like thing in the Road from Root and Rock
1:00:49 | The Pig Boy | STORY
1:03:09 | The Still Donkey | STORY
1:04:35 | Conflating the Not Deer with Wendigo/Skinwalker and a thought on Cultural Research
1:09:00 | Thank Yous
15:40 | Outtakes 🤣🤝🙌

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