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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 28, 2022

[ ATTN BELIEFLINGS!: Tune in to our YouTube Channel tonight (April 28) at 5:30PM PST / 8:30PM EST to chat it up with us and fellow Belieflings live in the youtube chat during a video premiere of this episode!... it's a real fun hang ;) ]


In 1990 Bulgaria, a story is whispered in the small village of Tsarichina. A secret buried beneath the earth. But the promise of ancient treasure quickly becomes the quest for an ancient being – a cosmic progenitor of all human life, entombed in a catacomb sought by the Bulgarian Military who are guided by psychics and remote viewers to dig, triggering inexplicable phenomena, witnessed by villagers and military personal alike.

On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we excavate the mystery of the Tcarichina Hole and recount tales of strange flying craft, unknown entities, and psychotronic attack

Also, Jeremy takes big research gulps, “mumans” is coined, and mom destroys Jon’s karate gi!


4:16 | Setting the scene of a 90s Mystery
7:13 | Tsarichina, Bulgaria in the 90s (some context)
10:04 | A Strange Treasure - What’s buried below Tsarichina?
12:23 | From Tsar Samuel’s Treasure to Psychic Intervention
19:29 | Tsarichina Phenomena - Colonel Kanev’s Account of Underground Discovery

21:48 | CIA Record Confirms the existence of Object No 1
23:40 | Cosmic protohuman alleged buried in stasis

27:06 | The familiar story | Military struggle against “Tsarichina Phenomena”
30:17 | Expansion Preview - DMT Machine Elves and Psychedelic Entites
32:22 | Check out Guide to the Unknown podcast!
38:40 | UFOs and unexplained phenomena witnessed in Tsarichina Village
46:00 | Entities slink out of ships to explore the hole
47:40 | Dimitri Ovcharov - Analysis of channeled ancient unknown language

50:50 | Baba Vanga’s Tsarichina Hole psychic guidance

55:00 | Tsarichina Hole: Mysterious Deaths - Naplatanov and more
57:55 | Shutting down the Tsarichina hole dig

58:56 | Lipton Weapon! Psychotronic Attack and Telepathic Weapons Testing

1:09:44 | Thank You Belieflings!


Guide to the Unknown has an enormous archive of episodes covering hauntings, horror movies, folklore, and cryptids. New episodes drop every Friday – Follow @GTTUPod for more! Go subscribe, and tell them Belief Hole sent ya 😉

GTTU preview clip from today's episode comes from episode 225 where they talk about the first-ever Mothman sighting! GTTU is both an audio and video show, recording live on


DMT Elves, Entities, and Inner paths to Outer Space