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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Sep 28, 2022

It finds you when you think you’re safe.. it finds you there, in the dark, paralyzed with terror, by its foul and vacant visage. It leans close, breathing you in.  It’s come tonight for you, and it has come to feed! Dressed in shadow, and sinister desire, the entity that has come to be called the Hat Man is the supreme Denison of nocturnal dread. What shaded secrets wait to be uncovered? What patterns trace its pathway across cultures and across time?

On this episode of belief hole, we dissect these paranormal parasites and share horrifying encounters with the master of the dark. So light a candle and follow us, into the shadow..

Also.. The hypnogogic state, sleep paralysis, and the reality of astral insects!


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01:00 | Coming UP - Shadow People, Real, Vintage Hat Man Encounters and Paranormal Parasites
02:40 | Magic Mind Shout Out
03:02 | The Horror and Intrigue Begins
06:36 | Book/Author Introductions: Heidi Hollis, Nick Redfern, and Jason Offutt
09:12 | Shadow People Categories - Jason Offutt
11:37 | The Face of the Hat Man/ Albert Rosales 1989 Humanoid Reports
12:33 | Jason Offutt Introduction and Shadow People cultural overlaps
14:12 | Carlos Castenda | Mud Shadows
19:58 | The Babbu, Omul Negru, L’uomo Nero, the Regional Hat Man
22:08 | Tuscarora Indian Nation Hatman Account | Heidi Hollis
27:41 | Hungry Ghosts, St. Augustine, Satyrs, Succubi and Incubi | Nick Redfern
30:01 | It Breaths You In - A Bristol Hat Man Encounter | 1967 | Nick Redfern
36:58 | Expansion Preview | Paranormal Pregnancy Parasites - Analyze a Strange Pattern of Attachment of the Supernatural
38:25 | Expansion Preview Clip
44:04 | Magic Mind Ad
42:33 | Late Night Drive | Cameron Pressley | Listener Story
47:54 | Hat Man | Eric Gray | Listener Story
51:10 | No Vacancy - A 1970’s Hat Man Encounter
52:56 | Hat Man in the flesh - Russian Encounter
54:26 | Skeptical take on the phenomena 
57:15 | The Hat Man / Fred Krueger Connection (Continued)
1:00:40 | Final Thoughts - Why the hat? And Protection Ideas
1:02:33 | Member Thank Yous
1:12:34 | Outtakes!!!