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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Apr 15, 2020

You might think 'Gnome'-body is scared of gnomes, right? Oh.. well you'd be dead wrong, my friend. All throughout the world, there are stories, legends and beliefs of the 'hidden folk'. Whether it be the Huldufólk of Iceland, the pointed-tooth, people-eating Nirumbee of the Crow in native North America, or your friendly fox-riding, forest protecting 'David the Gnome'-style Nisse of Nordic lore, these elemental-type others are just another reason to be reverent of nature, and in some cases, fearful to dim the flame of your campfire.

Coming up on this episode, we recount some captivating and bizarre modern encounters with gnome-like creatures and other hidden folk and examine the potential reality and cultural connections of these folkloric beings. So, leave some food out for the fairies and some iron for the dwarves, and lets dig down deep to uncover the inner workings of the Hidden Folk.

Also.. Paracelsus Gnome Naming, Horse Hair Braiding, and Fiendish Fairy Shadow Theft

EXP 2.9 | The Mystery of Mel's Hole / Tumor Seals from the Inner Earth

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06:56 | Introducing Paracelsus - Namer of Gnomes
09:50 | Huldufólk - Elves, Fairies, Vittra
10:17 | Tommyknockers - Cornish Folklore
11:30 | Huldrefolk
13:09 | Earth Spirits - Guardians of Nature
19:03 | Why We Don't See Hidden Folk
22:18 | Anna's Story - Encounters with the Vittra of Sweden
24:01 | Nirumbee, Nimerigar - People Eaters of Native Legend
25:15 | Anna's Vittra Continued
28:07 | Police Chief Encounters Mane-Braiding Fairies
36:09 | Paracelsus, Earth Dwelling Gnomes
44:42 | Rick's Creepy Gnome Encounters
50:26 | Gurt's Sharp Teeth Elves Attack
52:52 | Patron Stinger - Archie!
54:59 | Expansion Episode Preview - Me's Hole
58:31 | Native American Fairy Little People Lore
1:13:38 | Construction Worker Assaulted by Shadow Stealing Fairies/Leprechaun