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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Sep 3, 2020

At the edge of the world, one person stands to face the mysterious foggy abyss that is the sea. This is the isolating, maddening, treacherous job of the lighthouse keeper. And although automation has relegated much of this harrowing work to occupational history, there are many bizarre, creepy and mysterious happenings that make up the lantern-lit library of lighthouse lore.

From first hand accounts of occult vandalism and ghostly restroom requesters at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, to the classic and captivating ghost girl hauntings/ lost lighthouse keeper spirits of the Seguin Lighthouse, we explore the mystery and possible explanations behind the seemingly supernatural phenomena in the craggy mists of these iconic places, and discuss the kraken, fortean fog, and all matter of paranormal at the prosperous of landly existence. Join us, won't you?

Also.. halloween decor preferences, Chris gets touched at night, and Trent Reznor is corpuscular

2.17 | Freaks of the Fog and Time Traveling Mists


5:45|TOPIC INTRODUCTION – Lighthouse Mysterious / Fortean Fog
7:33 | Chris gets touched at night
9:05 | Lighthouse keeper isolation can lead to insanity 
9:35 | Why we aren’t covering the Flannan isle lighthouse mystery
14:25 | Why lighthouses are so mysterious/ supernatural at times
15:13 | What’s coming up: Haunted lighthouses and George ‘Bubba’ Eaton’s Story
17:15 | Train conductors are on a feeding conveyor for the paranormal. Think about it!
20:47 | Bubba’s Haunted Lighthouse and Mysterious Strangers | Story
31:56 | Expansion Preview | Freaky Fog Stories/ Time Slips and Creatures
34:28 | Discussion on Ted Gunderson – Occult Ritual Abuse, SRA Whistleblowers, difference from Wiccans and other ‘practitioners of magic/magicjk’
37:34 | ‘Real Witches’ article reading – more discussion on small town ‘satanism’ / occultism/ ‘devil worship’
47:23 | Patron Stinger – River
51:04 | Lingering Lighthouse Spirits
52:08 | Honey, Please Stop Playing that Song | Seguin Lighthouse | STORY
58:30 | Figures in the Fog| Ghost Girl and the Lighthouse Keeper | STORY
1:01:20 | Coast Guard corroboration of hauntings/ more stories and lore
1:06:31 | Strange Fog Stories/ Inexplicable Phenomena – More Expansion Preview
1:08:51 | Thank You Patrons!