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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Conspiracy and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Aug 5, 2020

The greatest question of our reality: does the light of our consciousness extinguish at the point of death, or rather free itself from its waxy form to journey into unknown realms of adventure and exploration? Since the 1960s, serious investigators have collected tens of thousands of accounts of Near-Death Experiences (or NDEs) from not only those who've claimed to have crossed the bridge to the other side and returned, but of families and healthcare workers who've witnessed and even partaken in these other-worldly experiences. So charge up your defibrillators and prep the epinephrine, as we prepare to flatline, Kiefer Sutherland-style, and venture into the land of the dead.

2.15 | Strange Worlds of the Dead and Shared Death Experiences


3:42| Topic Introduction | Life After Death
5:11 | NDE Statistics
7:00 | Premature Evacuation | STORY
12:52 | Brother OBE Recollections
13:43 | Patten Of NDE Characteristics
16:58 | History Of NDE Research – Dr. Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
24:37 | Tina’s Tunnel to the Hereafter | STORY
27:46 | The Tunnel – Discussion of bridges and thresholds
31:00 | At Least Some Dogs Go TO Heaven | STORY
35:18 |Weird Worlds and Bizarre NDE’S | Expansion Episode Discussion
35:50 | Shared NDE’s – Near Death Experiences Witnessed By Others Nearby
38:37 | Bridge To The Other Side – A Family’s Experience | | STORY
41:40 | Jeremy Recalls his Smoke Monster Encounter
43:24 | Brother Shares Death Experience.. And Laughs | STORY
47:00 | Patron Stinger | Ben Cherry
52:34 | White Cloaked Brother In The Road | Louise | STORY
54:36 | Bella Comes Home | Lina | STORY
56:40 | NDE Unites Curmudgeonly Aunt With Ungrateful Niece
1:01:59 | Neurosurgeon’s Firsthand Encounter With Realms Of The Dead | Eben Alexander
1:16:22 | Patron Stinger | Donna
1:19:32 | Patron Thank You’s