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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Dec 24, 2020

Thunderbirds, Mantis Man and Fairies, oh jeez! Strange and unexplained disappearances have become a fascination for folks interested in mysteries, the paranormal, and all flavors of the unknown- especially since David Paulides' “Missing 411” has come on the scene. But it may be interesting and helpful to consider some fantastic creatures and strange entities that have been encountered in the wilderness and wilds of national parks and elsewhere, where so many have disappeared. Fairies and other supernatural beings have been a scapegoat for countless abductions and unexplained deaths across cultures since mankind could first say “AHHHH!” Is there a reason that so many cultures corroborate descriptions of similar entities and hidden folk in their lore and mythology?

Whether you’re a follower of the Faerie Faith, curious about 7-foot mantis people encounters, or are just open-minded enough to hesitate going into the woods at night, you may want to stick around for these stories. So, lock the doors, light a candle for those who’ve been lost, and never talk ill of the ‘good people’.

Also.. Terrifaries, Invisoids, and Jon wants Redcap!


4:10 | Topic Introduction - Dark Fairies and Monsters - Beyond Missing 411
6:00 | Piano Tuning Dark Forest Daydream
7:32 | Missing 411 Disclaimer
8:50 | Redcap - Dark Fairy
16:34 | Stranger Things, CERN Rituals
18:35 | The “Good People” - na daoine math
19:26 | Chris' Tummy Town
21:09 | Fairy Stigma in Science, Cultural Fairy Sanitization, Faerie faith
23:06 | Coming up.. Mantis Men, Giant Birds
24:11 | Missing 411 Connection - Patterns in Strange Disappearances and Folklore
30:52 | EXPANSION PREVIEW - Mysterious Recordings - Sounds of the Unknown (Bigfoot Samurai)
34:37 | Tiny Taps of the Mummy Fairy | STORY
38:47 | It Was Watching from the River | STORY
41:26 | Bean-Fionn - Water Witch
43:24 | Color Craving Teeth Gnashers of the Otherworld | Bright Colors | Socks in Sulawesi
51:52 | Bright Colors | Ancient Spirits of the Land - More Missing 411 Connections
56:25 | Alien Update, Monolith Mentions
58:06 | Monster Birds | Thunderbird | STORY
1:01:56 | Mantis Men
1:03:41 | Mantis Men of New Jersey | STORY 1
1:06:35 | Mantis Men of New Jersey | STORY 2
1:12:38 | Patron Stinger | Rick Abney
1:15:59 | Patron THANK YOU'S

2.25 EXP | Mysterious Recordings - Sounds of the Unknown